Gallstones introduction :- When pittaras born due to eating and drinking defects in the gallbladder or gallbladder become hard like stones, it is called gallstones. Gallstones can be small, normal and large. The stones are of black, green or khaki color. The pain that occurs due to gallstones is called gallstones. Symptoms :- There is mild or sharp pain in the stomach due to stones disease. After the formation of stones, the patient does not suffer as long as she remains in the gall bladder but sometimes there is mild pain in the stomach. When this stone comes out of the gallbladder and enters the gallbladder, pain starts slowly. After this, there is mild and sometimes severe pain due to which the patient remains upset. Pain in bile starts from the right womb and spreads around it, especially to the right shoulder and back. Due to this type of bile, symptoms like vomiting, chills, sweating, weakness, Himang, jaundice, difficulty in breathing, fainting, etc. are produced. When gall stone pain starts, sometimes the pain is cured only after a few hours, but sometimes this pain persists for several weeks and when this stone comes in the intestine, the pain ends automatically. is. After bile stones in the intestine, the particles of stone are removed with the feces. Pain of gallstones: - There is no symptom of vomiting with pain in gallstones, and when the pain starts, applying hot hot fomentation or hot olive oil on the diseased parts provides some relief. Urinary stone pain: - Urinary stone pain starts from the urinary tube and spreads to the testicles. The patient has a desire to urinate frequently and blood comes with urine. Jaundice is not present in the patient of urinary stones. In the case of gallstones, treatment should be done immediately to relieve its pain. While doing treatment, keep in mind that the gallstones get out of the intestines and come out through the stool and never become in the gall bladder again. It is necessary to take a proper diet to remove stones. The patient of stones should take such food which along with smearing the stone, give full nutrition to the body as well. Treatment of disease with various medicines 1. Carduus-marianus: - In addition to pain in gallstones, there is also pain in the liver, especially in the left part of the liver. Carduius-marianus- mother tincture drug should be taken in the quantity of 5 to 10 drops daily at an interval of 3-3 hours to remove such pain. 2. Dioscorea: - If the pain of gallstones starts from the gall bladder and spreads around, and the pain is relieved by walking or turning, then the mother root or 30 potency of the drug Dioscoria should be used in such pain. If the pain is relieved by bending forward, then using the drug Colocynth is appropriate. 3. Calca-carb or barberis: - To cure the pain of gallstones, taking 30 to 200 potency of Calca-carb is beneficial. This drug should be taken for 3 hours at a difference of 15-15 minutes in gallstones. If you do not get relief from pain even after taking this medicine for 3 hours, then Barbaris-Mother Tincture should be taken at a difference of 20-20 minutes. 4. Arnica: - 3x or 6 potency of Arnica can be used in any symptoms of gallstones. After the use of this medicine, after the disease is reduced or the pain is reduced, China medicine should be taken until the acute pain stops and stops. 5. Cholesterin: - If a patient suffering from gallstones disease has severe pain, 2x quantity or 3 potency of Chlastarin drug should be used. Using this drug provides instant relief in severe pain of gallstones. 6. Olive oil: - If gallstones occur, olive oil should be consumed for 2 to 3 days. The patient should be fed lemon juice immediately after consuming olive oil. After this, after 3-4 minutes, then drink some oil and then drink lemon juice over it. In this way, lemon juice after drinking olive oil does not cause vomiting. In this way, drinking olive oil removes stones in 2 to 3 days. Medications for the pain of gallstones: - Drugs used to relieve pain in gallstones: - Chionethus- Mother tincture and Hydrastis- Mother tincture should be used in the quantity of 1 to 10 drops. Chelidonium - 2X, Gelsemium - 1X, Belladonna - 3X and Arsenic - 3X to 30 potency, Digitelis - 30, Larousiresus - 3 etc. Cholesterinum 2 is also used to relieve the pain of gallstones. If there is no low or gradual strength of this drug, high power can also be used. It is beneficial to use 3 potency of 3x quantity of this medicine in different stages of the disease. In case of gall stones, Aconite, Nux-vomica, Merc, China, Phospho etc. can be given in between. China, Aconite and Merck can be used in the disease of gallstones produced with malarial fever. Some remedies with treatment with drugs: - 1. In the case of gallstones, the patient should consume light and easy digestion. 2. The bread should be cooked with sugar, dipped in hot water and eaten with sugar. 3. The patient should eat roasted apple, drink wishful cold water, roam in open air daily. 4. If the patient becomes very restless with pain, the patient should drink warm water, sit in a tub of hot water and drip hot water over the intestinal instruments and apply hot chloasma in the patient's womb. It provides relief in pain. If such measures reduce pain and the stones do not come back again, it should be treated. 5. In this disease, the patient should regularize his food and drink. Your work should be maintained regularly. 6. The patient should do physical work, walk in clean air and drink a lot of water. In this way, stones are completely eliminated by following the rules and consuming medicines. Drinking hot spring water is very useful for the patient. Treatment to prevent gallstones from recurring: - China- Mother tincture drug should be used to prevent gallstones. To avoid stone again, 6x quantity of China medicine or 6 tablets of it should be taken twice daily. In this way, after using China medicine for 10 days, after leaving one day its tablets should be taken on the second day. In this way, take the medicine for 20 days. After this, take the medicine once in 3 days and then take the medicine at a difference of four days and then take the medicine after giving a difference of five days. In this way, in 10-10 days, take medicine every day except one till the medicine comes at a difference of one month. Take the medicine 10 times at a difference of one month. In this way, the process of stone formation ends by taking the medicine and then this disease never occurs again. Caution: - The patient of gallstones should not consume things containing more sugar, fat, 'fat and lime'. Apart from this, consuming meat, fish, oil made and soda medicine is also harmful for people with gallstones.




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