Gardner - Diamond syndrome. Chief Complaints A 56 yr old female attended Mopd C/O recurrent Purple colored pigmented lesion over lower limb since 1 week. She had similar lesion over elbow 2 weeks back. The lesion initially arises as painful reddish patch followed by purple patch after few days and become painless. It is non pruritic. The pt is K/C/O OCD and is under my follow up. No H/O HTN,DM,Thyroid disorder or substance abuse. Rest General and Systemic Examination normal. Routine Ix including Coagulation profile was advised. All reports are normal. I Consulted my Dermatologist colleague and She replied it as Psychogenic Purpura Known as Gardner- Diamond syndrome. Pt was counselled and told to continue the regular drugs along with antihistaminics and other conservative T/t.



Gardner- Diamond syndrome.. हिंदी में खोजें गार्डनर डायमंड सिंड्रोम ट्रीटमेंट हिन्दी में सुनें Listen in English There is no specific treatment for Gardner-Diamond syndrome. Symptomatic therapy is provided for severe general symptoms. Several approaches including antihistamines, corticosteroids, antidepressants, hormones, and vitamin use have met with variable success.


Purpuric rash

Painful bruising syndrome or autoerythroyte syndrome or GDS OR psychogenic purpura. Symptomatic treatment required with counseling of pt and relatives. Sometime Intranasal desmopressin acetate (DDAVP) has successfully reduced the ecchymosis duration/severity of a GDS patient with a platelet disorder.

Yes these patches are purpuric As we know all antihistaminics or antiallergics as well antidepressants do increase vascular permeability hence wherever pressure points these patches can be see . As described these are reddish and echymoses hence painful getting reabsorbed Change of colour is physiological process Yes it is labelled psychological purpura and needs counseling Only care if any antiplatelets are given than this should be considered

Gardernekla Vaginalis. Rx.metronidazole,flagyl Clindomycin,Cleocin. Tinidazole, any one bid daily for 7 days Metronodizal gel bid daily for 15 days. Boric acid at lesion. Ketakonazple soap. Multivitamin therapy.1 month. Tranquilizers.o.d.15 days. Speech prevent.Obc.

Gardner-Diamond syndrome .. It's considered to be reactive response to the stress following increased levels of glucocorticoids and catecholamines in the body, which may alter processes such as fibrinolysis (the breakdown of blood clots

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