GB - Thick biliary sludge, pain abdomen not settled by Diclofenac 75, Next oral analgesic of choice?



Ercp is ideal for sludge It may be calculus Differential cholecystitis Fortwin or morphine with ciplox

Inj piroxicam Inj tromodol

Thanx dr Pranab Bera

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Tablet paracetamol! - it is potent analgesic! Pantoprazole! - pain can be because of acid peptic disease

Injection TRAMADOL + Injection NS 100 ml iv slowly

Ultrasound to be done Pantoprazole with domperidon to be given Piroxicam as analgesic can be given

I am agree with@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir, And@Dr. Ramesh Kumar Singh Sir.

Thanx dr

Inj Tramadol with Rabeperazole -DM

Inj Nobelspas Inj Amykacin 500 Tab. Kitpil TDS Tab Drotikind M TDS Hepakind 150 OD Cefakind 250 cv BD

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