General Weakness

Age 35 years female Patient is lean weak and dark-complexioned. Tremors when there is any stress or patient has to meet any new person Cold hands and feet. Thyroid profile normal Hb- 12.5 Poor appetite and digestion. Pain in legs and weakness. Early morning weakness. Blood sugar normal. Menses- normal emotional likes company working in a MNC Very confident impulsive when opposed Please suggest medicine for weakness Doctors




Shakes or tremors due to stress is due to adrenaline drive. Here the patient is a weak person & the excitement causes tremor or trembling indicates - Gelsemium . May be indicated.

Thanks @Dr. Anil Gangani

For weakness, Abhaydi qwath BD Giliy ghanvati 1BD panchsakar powder HS(as per req.) for 7 days, after that, Giloy ghanvati 1BD Ashwagandha tab 2BD Shunthi himej tab 1BD for 3 to 4 week and for inferiority complex, need counselling, or req. Psychiatrist consultation


Counseling, Regular exercise and meditation ,Dashmoolarishta 20 ml twice with lukewarm water. SHATAVARI KALP 10gms bid with milk

Muscular weakness shasthi shali swedanam bala tailam karma basti swaran yoga

Most of the symptoms indicate Silicea. So in this case I like to suggest Silicea 200 one dose

Staphisagria 10m one dose

Dear Dr.Nipun Roy Sir, Advice for the case. Saubhagya Sunthi Pak 1 tsp BD. Shatavari Kshirpak BD.

Rx Similimum

Anxiety neurosis.with. Weakness. Anemia.

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