Generalized Anhydrosis ? SLE/Sjogren. How to treat?

A 25 year old girl came Generalized anhydrosis and regular heat exhuastion during summer. There is no sweating, not even in axilla or groin. On examintaion she was totally alright, no other sensory or motor deficit was found. I did her ANA, ANTI SSA And SS-b. Even when She didn't have any manifestation of less lacrimation or less salivation. ANA STRONG POSITIVE ANTI SSA STRONG POSTIVE ANTI SSB negative ANTI ds DNA negative Rest lft, lft cbc all routine are wnl. I wanted to go foreward with skin biopsy but patient and her family has denied further investigation and they just want to start treatment. Kindly help with this. How to start treatment?


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