Genu varus deformity

Patient, 42 years, M had come with c/c of moderate pain of bilateral knees. History of mild intermittent pain since 3 years. No H/O of DM, HTN except hypothyroidism on no medication as suggested by the endocrinologist. He has a high BMI due to his sedentary life style. Investigations done revealed mild 25(OH)D3 deficiency. Rest other investigations are normal. Vitals Normal Physical Examination On physical examination inflammatory edematous around the patella was noted with more on left than right side. Investigations MRI and x- ray are attached for your needful.


Advanced OA Little early at 42 years Rule out inflammatory arthritis CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp Little older patient would have been a candidate for TKR In this case trying to preserve natural joint an option even though cartilage loss is extensive High tibial osteotomy may be beneficial ACL reconstruction on one side also needed Orthopaedic evaluation Hinged knee brace Quadriceps strengthening

Crepe bandage... ginger flaxseed oil for pain... garlic little onions walnuts blue berries jeera China grass green dot... green leafy vegetables pomegranates cucumber sproutskalijeeri drumstick sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages no vyasan pomegranat e muskmelon beetroot coriander juice sweet potato figs... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice raw tomatoes no tomatoes in cooking...

Respected sir....! Maybe B/L partial / complete knee replacement surgery...... with correction of genu varus deformity....! After that, post-op 1 regular physical therapy treatment along with medical management. Especially vitamin D supplementation is needed. Regular check-ups/ follow -ups are required for some time sir...! Thank you.

Proximal fibula osteotomy can be tried or HTO ...proximal fibula later can be converted to TKR

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