geographic tongue since two years treatment for placebo



Reassurance. Topical Antifungal.

Self resolving usually no treatment is needed. If you want give mv with zn supplementation with candid mouth gel application as placebo to satisfy the patient

Reassurance Topical Antifungal Geographic tongue Candid gum paint Multivitamin No treatment

Geographic tongue......topical anti fungal...candid gum paint. ....

Tab. Vizylac dt for 3_4 weeks. Dologel mouth paint locally. Deworming.

No treatment can add multivitamin.antifungal for placbo

If it is not resolving, adding an antifungal would be appropriate.

Self resolving Zn supplements Kenacort gel if burning sensation

Nothing it is a benign condition just avoid spicy food

Geographic tongue. No tt is required.

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