Get healthy greenery with green leaves

Neem: Grind 10-12 leaves of neem and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, there is a suppression of heat rash and dermatitis. Washing the head after boiling neem leaves in water stops hair fall and lice, nit dies. Basil: Grind 8-10 leaves of basil and mix in sugar and drink it does not cause heatstroke. If there is heatstroke, then it is relaxed. Regularly eating four leaves of basil on an empty stomach daily does not cause disease. Acacia: Boil the leaves of acacia and rinse the water, making the teeth and gums strong. Mixing juice of acacia leaves with mustard oil and applying it provides relief in heat boils. Bud: Mix the juice of one lemon in the milk of Bud and leave it on the head for half an hour. Then wash the head with lukewarm water. This stops hair fall and makes hair grow faster. Plum: Finely grind plum leaves and neem leaves and mix lemon juice in it and apply it in the hair and after two hours wash the hair. By using it for one month, new hair grows and hair fall stops.




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