Getting worst by antifungals(Luliconazole oint) Tab.terbinafine,cap.itraconazole. Patient complaining of severe itching,pain and burning. What is management??


Eczematous dermatitis .Oral steroids may be required

Ezcematus dermatitis

Ezematous dermatitis

Infected fungal infection keep area dry/ start with a biotics erythromycin 500 mgs qid x 5 days / when dry then start lamisil cream locally daily /bactroban mupirocin at night if oozing

Eczematous dermatitis.

Atopic eczema.

Eczematous Dermititis

Looks like eczema

Contact dermatitis

Looks like eczema, Pls do KOH mount

Nice idea to differentiate
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