Gingival swelling - Diagnosis?

Chief Complaint A 58 y/o female came with a red and ulcerated gingival mass in the anterior region History No relevant past medical history. Examination Examination shows an exophytic, slightly lobular, swelling between teeth 11 & 12. Poor oral hygiene with heavy sub-gingival calculus. Diagnosis What is diagnosis? Treatment Advise treatment.




Clinical picture clearly suggests Biopsy is a must, rest proceed according to the report. Meanwhile do remove local factors, perform good oral prophylaxis, try to be gentle so as to keep the bleeding to a minimal, give supportive and adjunct gels and mouthwash as suited.

Doc please advise pt 1. Tab DOXY 1 1 BD FOR ONE DAY,1OD FOR 5DAYS. 2TAB LIMCEE 1OD FOR 10DAYS 3STOLIN GUM PAINT 4HI ORA/CHLORHEXIDINE Mouth wash aftet complete oral prophlaxis observe the swelling.Might need biopsy.


Pyogenic granuloma D/d peripheral giant cell granuloma Carcinoma of upper alveolus Adv biopsy and confirm with final diagnosis and treat accordingly

Adv: IOPA/Opg

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