Girl 6yrs.fever with a soft to firm swelling comes on and off .no pain or any finding in the ear and me regarding the diagnosis and treatment ...



D/D- Chronic Sialadenitis +/- Sialolith (Lt) Parotid. Lymphadenopathy H/O pain on increased salivation. H/O purulent discharge per oral. Inv- Palpate per oral for stone/ discharge from duct. USG Parotid & Neck FNAC Blood routine, peripheral blood smear Treatment- A/c episode with Antibiotics Sialagogues Oral hygiene, POF Defenitive- Endoscopic stone extraction. Superficial parotidectomy

D/D parotitis. Lymphadenitis. maybe due to bad oral hygiene. Adv. FNAC, Routine blood test. Treatment antibiotics, antiinflammatory. Treatment of cause

May I take, what u mean by throat as neck..?.. Ur marking is half in front and half behind the ear...the discription fits parotitis. Since it is recurrent and not bilateral, it is not Mumps. So itis parotitis due to bad oral hyegine infection spreading through stensons duct...Look and improve oral hyegine to prevent reccurance and treat presnt infection with local antibacterial and systemic antibiotic..

Region is cervical & parotid usg or cbct cbc ESR mt xray chest fnac HP dd cervical lyumphadenitis dd cyst dd tumour beningn or malignant or torticolis


Consider parotitis viral bact infection

I agree with Dr Murari M

DD parotitis repeated, Lph

Recurrent Sialadenitis comments in children especially in summer season .Precipitating factors -Dehydration,Viral URTI....

Sialadenitis Rule out sialolothiasis

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