Girl child age 2 and half years.has nodules both lateral sides of the neck after measels or URI problem for 4-6 pain in nodules,no fever,immunized,no other complaints, sometimes eats soil and anaemic as she mostly like to consume cow's milk, child wasn't breastfed after 8 months of age as mother was unable.good health, weight. please suggest Dx and Rx.


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Advice for montaux test Biopsy Later Tab Arogyavardhini vati Tab navayasaloham Hingvastaka churnam

Sir age is two and half years so Tab Arogyavardhini etc can be given?

Kanchnor gugal is right 10to12 rijalt create me

Thank you sir.

Go for TAB diagnosis

Thank you sir.

Thank you sir.Syp sepno is it like syp Septillin of Himalaya brand? And Syp gro app is it appetizer formula.please tell as both medicines are not available in my area.

Avoid junk, packed, fermented food and curd. Sy.septillin 7.5 ml twice a day. Sy.Immunocin 7.5 ml twice a day. Review after 6 week.

Thank you sir. Syp Septillin given but not got relief. Syp.please tell syp immunocin pharma name.

Lymph nodes...

Yes sir, swelling both sides. please share treatment.

Tonsilitis Belladonna Kali Mur Mercurius

No symptoms of tonsillitis, lymphadenopathy after Uri infection in my opinion.

Agree with Dr. Gayathri....enlargement of lymphnodes in a sign of infection and they will resolve on their own when the infection subsides. If they grow in size or any pain then FNAC is advised. Try to improve the immunity of child Krimighna chkitsa followed by deepana and pachana

If you agree with me hit the agree button Dr Savitha

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After urti enlargement of lymph nodes are common usually resolve within 4 to 6 wks no problem but if the nodes are matted then fnac is advised

Yes, thank you madam.

Check for tonsillitis.... Renalka /neeri syp Kanchanara guggulu Then follow up with madiphalarasayana

What is the role of renalka/ neeri syp in this case, please enlighten us

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