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Which of the following do you think we should more focus on to improve osteoarthritis pain management?

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Treatment for osteoarthritis include * Medications: Acetaminophine Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs Duloxetine- antiinflammatory also useful for chronic pain. * Physical therapy * Occipational therapy. * Surgical and other procedures Lubricating injections Realigning bones Joint replacement. * Life style and home remedies Exercise Loss weight Braces * Alternative med Glucosamine & chondroitin

As age factor is common, can only drugs like glucosamine, calcium, D, halurnicacd, chondrtin, msm, zn, phosphorus, mv, protin will help, instead kingen Water Will also helpfull

Others...safest... massage therapy and exercise under the supervision of balance muscles and ease out pain

Homoeopathy and yoga and physiotherapy

Ayurveda. treatment...... janu vasti, patrapind swed, etc. with. classical Ayurved medicine.....

Stem cells may turn into cartilage, bone etc

Homoeopathy and yoga and physiotherapy

Vatt ract ract pit se hotta he

आहार विहार. योगा. दिनचर्या देश नुसार चाहिए.


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