Glasgow coma scale assessment

A 26 yrs.old pregnant lady, case of subdural hemorrhage in RTA. on ventilator since 6.9.16. Glasgow coma scale E1v1m3. Feeding by RT 150ml 2 hourly. no history of DM, HTN etc. emergency treatment is being given to its best. Is there any medicine to reduce cerebral edema in this case?

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mannitol 20% -100ml over 45 mins check for hypotension. if so then give hypertonic saline 3% nacl over 1hr

Cicuta virosa is specific in homeopathy for various consequences of head injury. it reduces blood pressure and hemorrhage. but strictly NO repetition of dosage.

T.Garvchina Mani Ra's, 5tab+T.Garbhapl Ra's 30tab mix 60 part make 1 bd. with honey. and dhanwantari products cap.Immurich 4bd with normal waters ,Cap Nurorich 1 bd with water thanks.

Is there head trauma? involuntary purgation & urination? such factors decisive for Rx in homeopathy. it can save lives.

Yes dr. it's head injury case. Pt. is totally unconscious.

The treatment method should be 1.Mootrala 2.Roga pratirodhaka bhava vardhaka 3.Balya 4.Brumhana The medicines like 1.punarnavadi kashaya 2.. Indukantham kashayam added with 3.Hingwashtaka choorna 4.Dhanwanthari gutika can be given for two weeks later on justifying the dosha involvement more addition or substraction of the medicine can be 5. Gokshuradi etc

Please send symptoms of the case with observations

keep head end side up , apply air bed to avoid bed sore, monitor fetal heart sound,eye care and

daily catheter care and physiotherapy and other conservative treatment according to signs and symptoms

Head enjury maha acid virechan do sheet pitt ok kro ok

only conservative treatment Sodium valprate.Mannitol and antibiotic.

Varunadi kwath 15 ml twice Gokshuradi gugglu 2-2-2 Guduchi+amalki rasayan 2gm thrice

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