Symptoms- In the first stage of the disease, the patient experiences blurry, fog, white circle of light, rainbow etc. before the eyes. Pain in the eyes remains. In the complete state of the disease - the fear of light, the appearance of red rash in front of the eyes, pain in the brain, change in color of the eye, etc. symptoms appear. If the disease is not treated properly, the patient gradually begins to develop complete blindness. Ora • Spiegilia 1X - 2 drops, hydrocemium 1X - 2 drops, phosphorus 6 - 2 drops, Aurum Mate 3X - 2 drops. Mix them all. Then put this mixture in half the drama globules. Taking four tablets out of this 4 times a day ends the disease. • Belladonna 3X - 2 drops, Spigilia 3X - 2 drops, Colocynth 3X - 2 drops. Combine all of these in 30 grains of milk, these are 6 quantities. Giving 1-1 per 2 hours difference is beneficial. Particularly useful if you have severe pain in the eyes.




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