? Glomerulonephritis

This female patient brought her reports of Urine R/M, S. Electrolytes, KFT Urine R/M Proteinuria + Red Blood Cells - 3-5/hpf S. Electrolytes Na - 129 S. Albumin - 3.1 KFT S.Cr - 2.88 BUN - 118 S. Uric Acid - 7.05 LDL -C - 145 Hb - 7 S. Iron - low Transferrin saturation - 10% (Low) So this is a case of glomerulonephritis as evident from reports. Blood pressure is controlled in range of 140/90 with Cilnidipine 10mg BD, Moxovas 0.2 at bedtime Referred the case for a nephrologist opinion Please give your opinion on this case about line of management?



@Dr. Ajeet Pal Singh Yes findings are clearly evident of glomerulonephritis. Please get an USG KUB done. And then start the workup for glomerulonephritis.

Sir, USG I have attached below, which she got done last time

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Acute renal disease with hypertensive GFR 24 hr urine protein creatinine ratio Usg kub Opinion of nephrologist Hyponatremia low albumin Serum creatinine raised

Glomerulonephritis, Acute renal disease, renal anemia Correct hyponatremia Require blood transfusion calcium supplements. need to reduce the amount of protein, salt, and potassium in your diet. Adv GRF

? CKD with ANEMIA Adv: GFR Protein restricted diet with added salt Tab NEFROSAVE FORTE od for 15 days Tab SHELCAL XT OD for 1 month Tab FERONIA XT OD for 1 month 2 unit PRBC transfusion Monitor vitals & urine output Continue medication for HTN

Thanks @Taimoor Dr.Taimoor , @ Dr. Vinay kumar

Adv USG WA with KUB

Attached below

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