Introduction:- Gonorrhea is an infectious disease of the reproductive organs, occurred due to bacteria named ‘Nisria Genorrhea’. It also occurs in newly born baby with the symptoms of red eyes. If a healthy person involves in sexual intercourse with gonorrhea patient, he is also affected with this disease. The bacteria of gonorrhea enter into the ureter of a healthy person and create swelling in the mucus membrane of that place, by that crop of; the urethra becomes red and secretes watery fluid. It is the initial stage of gonorrhea that persists till 2-3 days and is known as attack period of this disease. After that, in the second stage, concentrated pus starts to secrete and is known as ‘Tarun period’ that persists till 2-3 weeks. Now, the third stage starts in which, again watery pus begins to come out that is called shaman stage and is known as ‘Gleet’. It is also called the chronic gonorrhea. Symptoms:- In the case of gonorrhea, thick yellowish or greenish pus keeps on coming out from the urethra; the sufferer feels frequent urination or burning sensation while urination; pain in the lower section of the stomach; nauseate, vomiting, feeling cold or fever, etc. are found in the patient too. Sometime, it occurs in women without showing any symptoms. Use of different drugs in gonorrhea:- 1. Thuja- A dose of this drug should be given daily to remove the poison (viruses) of gonorrhea from the body. Using Thuja 30 is very useful when the opening of the urethra is stuck, secreting watery yellowish pus from it, etc. In addition to it, this drug is also very useful to cure bad effects appearing due to suppression of gonorrhea by taking injections. 2. Nitric-acid- In different symptoms like- coming pus mixed with mucus with urine with the feeling of pain like pricking a needle in the ureter and swelling of the urinary tube, coming smell from urine like that of hoarse’s urine, etc., giving Nitric-acid 6 is very useful for the patient. 3. Naphyeline- If the opening (mouth) of the urinary pipe is turned into red, swelled, violent pain in it, urine gives smell like that of ammonia, etc., 3x potency of this drug can be given to the patient. 4. Merc-Iodide- If the gonorrhea patient has been dreaming vulgar dreams in the night that causes nightfall or ejaculation by itself at the time of dreaming of urination; he knows about nightfall only in the morning then Merc-Iodide 3x can be given. 5. Guacum- If the patient has been suffering from smelly secretion like gonorrhea, ejaculation by itself without dreaming while sleep in the night, phlegm comes with spit too, etc., giving 3 or 6 potency of this drug or its mother tincture is beneficial. 6. Aconite- In the initial stage of gonorrhea, if swelling comes in the patient’s reproductive organs, fever, etc. symptoms are found in the patient, Aconite 1x or 30 should be given. 7. Pulsatilla- In the condition of little chronic of gonorrhea, if secretion is not fast, but thick, yellowish or bluish, Pulsatilla 30 can be used. Due to using Pulsatilla for a long time, if the patient feels pain in the joints of the thighs and stomach that keeps on moving in the thighs below stomach as left and right then stop giving this drug to the patient. If the testicles of the patient have swollen due to suppression of gonorrhea by using high potency drug and give painful sensation by touch, using this drug will help in appearing of gonorrhea and pain will cure, but in this situation too, we will make the patient as lying on the bed and his testicles will keep as tying with a loin-clothe.   8. Clematis- This drug acts better on the testicles and the reproductive. This drug is given to gonorrhea patient when his urinary tube is contracted due to this disease. If the patient’s testicles are swelled too much and have bruised (rubbing) pain, the swelling of the half section of the testicles, etc., giving Clematis 3 or 30 is very useful.      9. Kopava- This drug is known to be very effective in gonorrhea. It can be used in the condition of feeling violent irritation in the urinary pipe and on the opening of the bladder. In the initial stage of gonorrhea, when secretion is diluted (watery) and like that of milk or when disease is multiplied to the bladder or coming out thread like mucus in large quantity with urine or blood starts coming out in urine, etc., this drug can be used. It can be also given to the patient in the condition of feeling slight burning sensation in the urinary tube, urination as drop-by-drop with pain, etc. 10. Quibeba- After the treatment of gonorrhea with different drugs, if swelling is ended, but the feeling of burning sensation in the urinary pipe after urination and secretion of thick, yellowish pus, etc. are left, Quibeba 3 can be taken. 11. Petrosilinum- The patient feels as much itching sensation in the urinary pipe as he wants to scratch with any object. Thus, giving Petrosilinum 3 is beneficial. 12. Cannabis-satieva- This drug acts better on the urinary tube. The sufferer walks with making his legs separate to each other so that his reproductive organs can not get rub. Thus, giving Cannabis-satieva C.M. is very useful for the patient in such symptoms. Note:- The gonorrhea patient should live neat and clean all the time. A healthy person should not involve in sexual intercourse with gonorrhea patient or if necessary, condom should be used for this purpose. The gonorrhea patient should take balanced diet. He should not take meat, fish, sour and stimulants. Smoking and hoarse riding are also harmful for the patient. Drinking milk mixed with sugar candy is very useful. Especially, the juice of pomegranate and fatless curd should be taken in his diet. In the condition of stomachache, fomentation with ice provides benefit. As soon as the syphilis patient finds the symptoms of this disease in his body then he should test gonorrhea symptoms in his body and in his partner’s body immediately.



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