Astilago Q - 4 drops, Vesicaria communis Q - 10 drops, - an average - Mix them. This is a quantity. It benefits in new gonorrhea in three doses daily. Especially helpful in symptoms like restlessness, fever, burning sensation in urination. • Cannabis Sativa 200-1 Drops, Penicillin 200-1 Drops, Merck Cor 200-1 Drops, Sugar of Milk-15 Grain - Mix these. These are three units. Give one quantity after every half an hour. Thus, after giving all three quantities, stop the medicine. If necessary, give only three doses after one week. It provides relief in green pus, burning sensation in urination, pain etc. • Cantharis 3X - 2 Bund, Astilego Q - 5 Bund, Black Iod 1X - 3 Grain, Salix Nigra Q - 20 Drops, Oleum Santal Q - 5 Drops, Aqua - 1 Ounce - Mix these. This is a quantity. Give three units daily. This brings relief in the new gonorrhea. • Capsicum 30-5 drops, Thuja 30-5 drops, Medorinum 30-5 drops, Sepia 30-5 drops - all of them in globals - one drum. Give 5-5 tablets four times daily. It gives relief in old gonorrhea.


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