Good afternoon Curofians. Case details : 75 year old man, non alcoholic, pain in right hypochondrium. USG scan abdomen showed Inhomogenously enhancing lesion in the right lobe of liver suggestive of a neoplastic process. USG Guided FNAC done, Aspirated blood mixed aspirate. Posted here are 20 slides of each with characteristic finding. kindly go through all the slides. Give your cytological diagnosis and description. Enlist your differential diagnosis. Thank you, Best regards. [Credits: Dr.Kazi Wajid Husain,. MD]

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Section studied shows tumor cells arranged in small to large clusters and in trabeculae,acini pattern,transgressing blood vessels seen.tumor cells large with pale abundant vacuolated cytoplasm,large nucleii,large nucleoli.dispersed single cells are also seen.intracytoplasmic bile pigment and intranuclear intracytoplasmic inclusions are seen. Impression -HCC,clear cell variant

agree with dr ulla

Features are suggestive of HCC

Findings suggestive of HCC

cellular smears against haemorrhagic background shows atypical cells arranged in large clusters, trabecular pattern and singly scattered. the cells show round to oval nuclei with clumped chromatin, prominent nucleoli and scant granular cytoplasm. clusters of cells are rimmed by endothelial cells. few multinucleate tumor giant cells are also seen. features are suggestive of hepatocellular carcinoma.

suggestive of malignancy

Additional image 11.

Additional image 12.

Additional image 13.

Additional image 14.

Additional image 15.

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