Good evening Curofians. Image posted below is primarily intended for ophthalmologists and other specialists in general. Kindly identify the eye condition briefly describing the findings in the image. Best description gets weightage for acceptance. Thank you. Best regards. (Source : Internet)



Respected sir, The images show multiple defects or holes in the iris. Possibilities are 1. IRIS COLOBOMA / IRIS DEHISCENCE 2. POLYCORIA Polycoria is an extremely rare disorder in which there is more than one pupillary opening in an iris with intact sphincter in all the pupils. Hence the openings act as true pupil responding to light reflex and mydriatics. Coloboma is just defect in iris without sphincter and hence does not respond to light reflex and mydriatics. Iris synechiae usually occurring secondary to iridocyclitis will have a central irregular pupil. Thank you sir. Regards...

Good Evening 1. 1st is Essential iris atrophy variant of ICE syndrome characterised by severe iris atrophy leading to marked corectopia and pseudopolycoria (iridal holes) 2. 2nd one is persistant pupillary membrane. basically its a remnant of foetal membrane which helps in vascular supply to the lens in utero. If it fails to regress then its called PPM. It is normally attached to the iris lens or the cornea

frst image is polycoria.. a congenital condition meaning multiple pupil may benifit from iris coloured contct lens if photophobia or uniocular dipplopia present. . second is persistent pupilary memb or broken posterior synache after dialation ... if eyeis quiet dsnt need any t/t .. may try repeated dialayation and constrictuon to break them all..

* The superior photo is Suggestiive of essential iris atrophy . * The 2nd photo is Suggestiive of persistent pupillary membrane.

First image could be a variant of ICE syndrome I.e essential iris atrophy second image is persitent pupillary membrane

1st is iridocorneal endothelial syndrome showing correctopia and polycoria and 2nd one is persistent pupillary membrane

I agree with Dr. Reetika.

1st.image ICE syndrome polycoria, corectopia , iris atrophy 2nd.image persistent papillary membrane

1- ice syndrome With iris atrophy. 2-ppm

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