Good evening Curofians. Posted below is a clinical image of a lesion. 1. Describe your clinical findings. 2.Differential diagnosis. 3.Approach towards this case. Clues : a. Long standing swelling since years. b. Swelling soft to firm. Please answer precisely and to the point against correct serial number, as weightage of accepted answer depends on these. Thank you very much. Best regards. [Credit : Dr.Kazi Wajid Husain,. MD]



Respected sirs and madams, Thank you all for your participation and valuable contribution. This is a case of 60 year old woman, with a huge globular swelling over the left shoulder measuring 13x12 cm approximately. The swelling was soft to firm, with few visible vessels on the surface. FNAC was done from different areas and revealed features of Benign Lipoma. Thank you very much sirs and madams. Best regards.

1 looking like large , soft , round,cystic swelling over left shoulder with veins over the surface. 2 Differential diagnosis Lipoma Liposarcoma Dermatofibroma Glomus tumor Leiomyoma Epidermoid cyst 3 X ray shuolder FNAC Excision and sent for biopsy

1>> A swelling on left shoulder which is globular, margin is regular, tensed looking with visible small blood vessels over it. 2>> Lipoma, Liposarcoma Amyloidosis (Shoulder pad sign). 3>> FNAC followed by excision biopsy.

Clinical finding : swelling in the left shoulder joint, well circumsied round swelling, measuring 6x6x6 cms. D/D : swelling soft ti firm in nature first R/o Malignancy i.e. Bone tumor, since it is arising from the shoulder joint. Sarcoma. Lipoma. Approach of the case is : First one has to do the CORE BIOPSY Of the swelling. MRI of the shoulder joint to look for the extent of the leusoin & also to know the involvment if the joint. Treatment as per the BIOPSY REPORT. Dr Brahmananda.

Well circumscribed rounded swelling on the shoulder region, Benign cystic swelling, lipomatous swelling, fnac would be the first investigation to advise

spherical swelling on Lt shoulder,smooth surface,no visible vessels,most likely a huge Lipoma,as you have not mentioned the duration& local temperature,other d/d will be liposarcoma,Go for FNAC ,if it's benign then excision,if it's malignant then four quarter amputation

1 Site suprascapulnar common for lipoma. 2 Long standing subcutaneous smooth surfaced nonulcerated well defined mass No dilated veins on surface.No punctum D/D 1.Lipoma 2 Cystic hygroma 3 Skin adenexal tumour.4 Rare Liposarcoma. First do USG than FNAC and than Wide excision.

Additional image of the lesion. @Dr. Bipin Miniyar sir.


looks like a benign tumor. Lipoma D/D sebaceous cyst, sub acromial bursitis. Fnac is the choice of investigation

Lipoma, advised surgery & histopathology.

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