Good evening Curofians. Posted below is a clinical image of a lesion. 1. Describe your clinical findings. 2.Differential diagnosis. 3.Approach towards this case. Clues : a. Long standing swelling since years. b. Swelling soft to firm. Please answer precisely and to the point against correct serial number, as weightage of accepted answer depends on these. Thank you very much. Best regards. [Credit : Dr.Kazi Wajid Husain,. MD]



spherical swelling on Lt shoulder,smooth surface,no visible vessels,most likely a huge Lipoma,as you have not mentioned the duration& local temperature,other d/d will be liposarcoma,Go for FNAC ,if it's benign then excision,if it's malignant then four quarter amputation

lipoma. do FNAC to exclude sarcoma


please post other pics as not able to locate from which part it's arising

yhea exactly

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looks like a amputated limb.tumor at that site

Lipoma, advised surgery & histopathology.

globular swelling over shoulder measuring 8x7cms,prominent veins are also seen-f well differentiated liposarcoma

Additional image of the lesion. @Dr. Bipin Miniyar sir.


lipoma a cystic tumour

Benign swelling.? Lipoma,? Sebaceous cyst.

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