Good evening curofians. What are the latest guidelines of ITP management?


what is the age of the patient? How was the diagnosis of ITP made? ITP is usually a rule-out diagnosis and should be made after a thorough investigation. You do not need to treat ITP if platelets are >30,000 and no bleeding as the risk of bleeding with that high platelet is quite low. Dexamethasone 40 mg x 4 days is usually the first-line therapy if the patient is not bleeding. If actively bleeding IVIG. There is a new study from UK with steroid and mycophenolate but is not the standard of care yet. Second-line is rituximab/cyclophosphamide/TPO mimetics. Splenectomy is rarely recommended anymore as it increases the risk of infection, and patients can still relapse. Relapse risk depends on age (higher in older individuals) I would strongly recommend seeking an opinion from a hematologist.

Folicacid, Vitamin C, zinc supplement... till 30000/cmm count... below that- Steroids or finally Splenectomy...

Maintaine nutrition.vit c zinc vitamin smoking or chewing tobbaco

No idea

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