Good evening Doctor . Can you please tell me some treatment for alcohol addiction..



Proper counselling and mentally ready... These are two things which can help a person to get rid of addiction of any drug or Alcohol.... Just keep the addicted person informed about the bad consequences of these things.. When he or she get full knowledge of those bad consequences,he or she will definitely get rid of these things. No medicine will work till he or she is not mentally ready to leave it for ever... This is my experience..... Hope i am right....

1. Quercus- If a person who drinks alcohol is fed 3-4 times a day by mixing 10 drops of Quercus juice with equal quantity of 1 teaspoon in lukewarm water, then in some time the person becomes anorexia. . Often, taking this medicine causes discomfort like diarrhea, but it should not be worried and the drug should be continued. 2. Sulfur- If 3 or 30 potency of Sulfur drug is given to a person who drinks alcohol, then the person becomes anorexia with alcohol in no time. 3. Pure sulfuric-acid- If a person drinking alcohol is given 2-3 drops of pure sulfuric-acid in half a glass of water and given in 1-1 teaspoon after 2-3 hours daily, then the person's alcoholic drink Habit becomes very rare.

Thank you doctor

Every morning have one big glass of fresh orange juice vwith mint leaves...all day mint leaves in sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods don't hide bottles...the taste of mint leaves will leave tongue tasteless for liquor...and he will leave on his processed or fermented foods or juice

there is two type of treatment - 1.withdrawals treatment-संजीवनी वटी,अश्वगंधा चूर्ण अश्वगंधारिस्ट गोदन्ती मिश्रण,योगराज गुग्गुलु आदि 2.anti craving medicines-संजीवनी वटी ,शुद्ध कुचला,हरीतकी प्रयोग

Drakshadi kashayam 20ml bd Manasamitra vatakam 1 TD Arogyavardinivati 2 bd Brahmi 2 bd Brahmi tailam e/a head Srikandasavam 20ml bd

Dear Dr. Kamal Singh Sir, Advice for the case. Surari Churna sachet 1 BD mixed in Dal Or Sabji .

Amrit dhara may be helpful 5-6 drops B.D Proper counseling and mental calmness is necessary.

Proper Counselling with totality based medicine can be helpfull

Tab disophiram 1tab bd for90 days

Addiction or deaddiction doctor?

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