Good morning dear friends and fellow colleagues, Here is an update on SGLT2 inhibitors Dapagliflozin. Dapagliflozin effectively reduces blood sugars and weight in Type 1 DM apart from Type2DM. This is a result of pooled analysis after 52 weeks Depict 1 and 2study , published in the journal Diabetes, obesity and Metabolism. Depict 1 and 2 are randomized, double blind, parallel group 24 week studies with extension to 28 week extension periods. The Dapagliflozin in Type 1 DM reduces blood sugars and HbA1c in Type 1DM 0.40 %to0.43% and body weight 2.45 to 2.9 kg versus placebo With regards, Dr Sepuri Tirumala Devi



Encouraging study mam this will reduce the dependence on insulin and its pricks Thanx for updates As otherwise DAPA HF and DAPA CKD have established its role in controlling all pleomorphic advantages

An important and educative update of Type 1 DM. Thank you Ma'am for your valuable sharing.

Most welcome Dr Pranab Bera

Informative . Mam kindly give idea about doses

Informative and most useful sharing. Thanks madam

Most welcome Dr Asad Zaman Leemon

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