Age 26 yr Male Prescribe the best treatment 1. Loss of appetite 2. Weight not gain




1.sitopaladi churna-120g prawal pisti-15g prawal panchamrit-5g mandoor bhasm-10g kashish bhasm-10g tapyadi loh-10g swarnmakshik bhasm-5g make 60 pul take 1pul BD WITH AMLA MURABBA 2.DRAKSHASAV SPECIAL 2TESP BD AFTER MEAL

Needs investigation and evaluation to conclude and line of treatment. Till reports complied. Cypp syp 2tsf + livoliv syp 2tsf TDS. Multivitamin and antioxidant orally.

You have to find the cause for complain Adv : LFT, CBC,ESR , X ray chest , HIV, RBS, HBA1C, HBSAG,HCV, MT Till you give Tab cyp bd

Pizotifin/mosegor Syp Multi vitamin tablets

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