Grade 2 mobile lower anterior central n lateral. Obturated yesterday. Sinus tract formed again i.r.t. lateral. Exudate is there on pressing. Pt. Cant tolerate metro or ornida. Ur opinion guys

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Inj Taximax 1.5gm bd for 5 days.. After 5 days Tab Dalacin c 300mg bd for 5 days.. 1) Which sealant was used? 2) sealant has not flown, no puffiness and no sealant in lateral canal.. Drainage will stop after medication, don't worry..

U have over filed a bit beyond the apex, apex is not sealed properly due to less amount of sealant used..

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Vishal sir..obturation is gud bt as exudate dere..sinus formd again ...dn 4m my opinion it needs rerct.. Open d gp..irrigate wd dexona inj...gve ledermix dresng atlst for 2, weeks aftr dt obturate... Otherwise chances of recurency is dere


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Better do re rct and u didn't seal the canal with restoration.. u shud restore it Remove the gp till cervical area. . And in incisor better chk for another canal. And its clearly visible in left side . U missed a canal . Bifurcated at cervical and thn meeting at apex.

No 2 canal doc.

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Overobturated central Re rct

Tan moxikind cv 625 bd Tab ebility Tab.pantid. bd No need to give metro or ornidazol

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Repeat Endo treatment.,Do proper debridement,de occuld the tooth.,let the lesion heal,push MTA apicaly or say calcium hydroxide.. completely dry the canal do follow ups fill after two weeks .. else go for apicoectomy for instant results

Dr. Gupta, prob is not with obturation, prob is with the exudate that had collected in the tissues and was not flushed since it is obturated u will have to clean and curretage the infected region and start with antibiotics.. it will work..just my opinion...thanks

Absolutely agreed with Rajeev ji.... I don't understand what good medicines will do to this.. unless we remove the cause

Laterals.... might be

Location of the lesion

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90% of lower anteriors have two canals ....

Deobturate the canal,wait till infection get subside...irrigate canal..and search for another canals,as laterals can have more than one canal. When exudate has been finished,tgen reobturate all canals along with mta...and gp should not be pushed periapically..

Extra canal ?


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