grade ii compound knee dislocation.mode of management



Evaluation of vascular status to rule out popliteal vessel injury , if absent debridement closed reduction if reduced exfix. Later on as early as possible evaluate ligamentous injury and repair accordingly

immediate closed reduction and spanning external fixation. get doppler study

immediate reduction under ga followed by ex fix deridement followed by neuro vascular analysis and management accordingly never hold reduction with cross k wires

Look for vascular deficiency Immediate reduction to b done thro d rent in d soft tissue one can manipulate if difficulty encoutered ,extend incision from open wound reduce it Span an ext fixator from femur to tibia to avoid redislocation Wound pic is not there?

what about patellar tendon?

it usually remains intact in such cases...

Nailing & plating.

deridement reduction and ex fix in first stage . Let soft tissue heal followed by ligament reconstruction. and mobilisation .

urgencyurgent reduction closed if possible check for vascular n neurological status can b maintained initially with jnt spanning fixator wound management with fixator

Ist Color Doppler- angio or CT angio , emergency reduction , ex fix and MRI , further watch for circulation and thrombus. Keep on anti thrombotic.

is the circulation good?

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