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मयूखैर्जगतः स्नेहं ग्रीष्मे पेपीयते रविः| GRISHMA RITUCAHRYA (summer season) In Grishma the sun rays become powerful and appears to be destructive. Kapha decreases day by day and Vata increases consequently, Hence in this season avoid use of Lavan, Katu and Amla rasa foods, heavy physical exercises and exposure to sunlight. स्वादु शीतं द्रवं स्निग्धमन्नपानं तदा हितम्|| Food which are Madhura Rasa, light (easy to digest), cold and liquid should be taken, Corn flour mixed with cold water and sugar after taking bath in cold water. मद्यमल्पं न वा पेयमथवा सुबहूदकम्| Madya (wine) should not be taken; if very necessary, taken in very little quantity or diluted with more quantity of water. During summer, boiled rice white in color, (like full moon) should be eaten along with meat of animals of desert. Mamsa rasa which is not very thick, Rasala (curds churned and mixed with pepper powder and sugar), Raga (syrup which is sweet, sour and salty)and Khandava (syrup which has all the tastes, prepared with many substances), Panaka Panchasara, syrup prepared with Draksha, Madhuka, Karjura, Kasmarya, and Parushaka fruits all in equal quantities, added with powder of Twak, Ela and Patra etc, kept inside a fresh mud pot, along with leaves of coconut trees made to ferment , should be drunk in mugs of mud or shell. Day time should be spent in forests having tall trees reaching the sky such as Shala (shorearobusta), Tala (Borassusflabellifera) etc., which obstruct the hot rays of the sun, or in houses around which bunches of flowers and grapes are hanging from their creepers. Sheets of cloth spreading sweet scented water, are arranged (to fan the air), all around. सेव्यमानो भजेदास्यां मुक्तामणिविभूषितः|काननानि च शीतानि जलानि कुसुमानि च| Sleep on soft bed prepared with flowers of Kadali (banana), Mrunala(lotus)etc. with fully blossomed flowers place all over or spend the day remaining inside the house cooled by water fountains, water being scented with Ushira, and thereby relieves the heat of the sun. At nights, one should sleep on the terrace having good moonlight. Exhaustion due to heat of the day is relieved by, anointing the body with paste of Candana , wearing garlands, wearing of very light and thin dress. By fanning with fans made of leaves of Tala or large leaves of Padmini (lily) made wet; syringes sprinkling cool water softly, garlands of flowers of Karpura, Mallika. Very cool water kept in mud pot along with flowers of Patala and Karpura (camphor) should be used for drinking. Buffalo milk mixed with sugar , cooled by moonlight and the stars should be used for drinking.

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Dear Dr. Aniruddhsinh Rathod, Ahar Anupaniya and Peyadi are very nice.

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Dear Dr. Aniruddhsinh Rathod, Ahar Anupaniya and Peyadi are very nice.

Thank you doctor

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