Growth in pharynx

A female aged 69 years who is a chronic tobacco chewer Chief Complaints Globus sensation in throat (x 2 months) Mild pain in throat Wt loss Physical Examination Left cervical lymphadenopathy Investigations UGIE done showed this round growth proximal to vocal cords..



FNAC and further assessment.

Sedation of this patient during endoscopy would have helped in better evaluation of the lesion

DL scopy biopsy Lymph node FNAC if possible, otherwise biopsy CECT neck only if anything suspicious in FNAC or biopsy

Polypoid mass on the false vocal cords...does not look malignant Get a biopsy from the lesion CECT neck to know the extent of the disease... If malignant Upfront surgery or radiation plus chemotherapy can be discussed... If benign and causing pain or dysphagia wide local excision of the lesion can be done...

Needs to undergo HP test to rule out SC carcinoma.

Polyp Granuloma Biopsy hp Growth in pharynx R/0 malignancy

Excision is the treatment modality

Pedunculated pharyngeal polyp of big size with atrophic endothelium At present seems to be benign but take biopsy to r/o malignancy if turns to be non malignant than suggestive line will be excision of poly

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Refer to Oncologist

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