Gud evening doctors!! Here is a case of a female patient aged 31yrs . She is suffering from alopecia areata . She noticed a bald patch on her scalp in January last year . She underwent treatment n the patch disappeared, n hair grew back. Now, she has noticed it again . She has been applying momate lotion and using kera xl for past one month now but the patch is growing in size . Also she has noticed one more patch in other region of the scalp .. kindly advise on what should now be the line of treatment .



Alopecia Areata can be in multiple and recurrence is also common Intralesional Kencort Topically 5% Minoxidil will help.

Thanku ma'am .. will it keep on recurring?? N is there really something to worry about ??

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alopecia areata use Shelton.a lotionlocally with corticosteroid inj and antifungal shampoo will certainly help

If the patient is developing new lesions Start the patient on oral mini pulse with corticosteroid .... Tab.betnesol forte- 5 tabs stat on two consecutive days per week ..for 4 weeks... Will arrest further spread and development of new patches... Add ranitidine while on oral steroids... Intralesional kenacort injection can be tried....

Intralesionally Kenacort injection ,Topically apply ketaconazole n steroid lotion at night, minoxidil 5% lotion. Orally tab.Biotin 10mg with multivitamins. Investigate for thyroid disorders n menstrual irregularity if any.

Hai ,there is no cure for alopecia areata Only we can control it With corticosteroids and antiinflammat drugs This is autoimmune diseases it effects mainly on hair follicles, Other medications that can be prescribed that either promote hair growth or affect the immune system include Minoxidil, Anthralin, SADBE, and DPCP.

It seems to b alopecia areata tt. which can b tried inj. Kenacort 40 sc locally, minoxidil local application

Alopecia Areata

Alopacia areata.topical intralesional kenacort 10mg.topical minokem n and hhsone ( mometasone).

Give calcarea phos 30 tds homeopathic pills

It is an auto immune disease. Yoga and meditation are of proven value in such conditions. So why not to try it along with other recommended medicines.

Agree with Dr Aristha.. Also rule out thyroid disorder.. AA being a autoimmune condition one should also rule out these assoc conditions

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