Gums bleeding and Heavy Sensitivity

Patient age -: 21 At nyt Gums bleed nd when patient woke up in the morning all teeths covered by blood Doctors suggest me the treatment for this problem... Chief Complaints Bleeding gums & Swollen gums Heavy Sensitivity problem Physical Examination Dirt in teeths Bleeding in between the teeths Gum swollen




@Dr. Ishvanku Saraf 1) Deep Scaling in two sittings.. 2) Metrogyl gum paint....massage 3-4 times/ day 3) Chlorhex mouthwash 2 times- swish fr 3-4 mins and spit Fr Sensitivity: Thermoseal RA toothpaste to be used fr 15 days... - Apply and leave it fr 10 mins Note: Pt should not eat 20 mins before and after massage, using mouthwash..

Thank you doctor

Full mouth prophylaxis . Cap Doxycycline once daily for 15 days Omnident tooth paste twice daily for 30 days Warm saline rinses between meals Apply Hexigel on gums thrice daily for a week Warm saline rinses between meals Chlorhexidine mouthwash twice daily for 14 days

Tt Advice Sub gingival scaling with curettage Rx- TAB-Doxy LB 3days 1BD followed by 4days 1OD TAB-METRONIDAZOLE 400 Mg 1TDS Tab-limcee once a day Cap-Becosule-z 1OD Metrogyl DG gel for gum molish For 10days Chlorhexidine 0.2%10ml BD after brushes

Post clinical pics n mention medical history if any

Abcess formation ?

1.full mouth scaling. 2.oral metrohex gel -BD -vanteg toothpaste-BD -metrogyl400mg+Analgesic BD after meal -test required-CBC,BT,CT. 3.Before scaling u given injection Trenexa IV.

Full mouth Scaling and gum curettage,then 1month multivitamins with lycopen and antioxidants with metrogyle gel and and antibiotic with pain killer then chlorohexadine gluconate mouth wash...

Adv scaling CBC CT, BT