h/o 10 days lit fever with itching n stinging sensation, no where else on her body patient of 38 years.



case of herpes zoster infection. give acyclovir orally with local ointment

Hz sure rule out hiv since it's all hemorrhagic

Herpes Zoster - treatment tab.Acyclovir 400 bd, teb.Cefixime 200 bd , teb. omeprazole 20 bd , teb. Aceclo+para, tds. teb.Levocetrizine od.

Classical Case of Herpes Zoster, with secondary Bacterial infection, treat with oral Acyclovir, topical Acyclovir, oral antibiotics.

it is a case of herpes zoster treatment given ...everything is getting to normal...so ..thank u all

case of herpes zoster virus.treat with oral acyclovir,topical calamine lotion,t.gabapentin

Herpes zoster classical lesions with secondary infection

Herpes Zoster with secondary infection

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