h/o application of rui (calotropis gigainta) plant milk



Folliculitis dd periporitis don't use oil Aug 625 bd oint fucidin bd

Systemic doxy can be given , topical mupirocin, saline soaks

its contact dematitis he need antibiotic tab azithromic 500 od tab atrex 25 bd tab aciclopara sp bd antibiotic&steroid lotion 5day

Contact dermatitis with secondary infection treatment treat first antibiotic amoxyclav and linezodine once infection is controlled use steroids in good doses

Contact dermatitis with folliculitis. Start with antibiotics, anti histaminic, mild to moderate steroids.

cefuroxime 500 mg is useless drugs.. no result in skin infection.. best is amoxyclav 625 mg bd or cephalexin 500 tid

Press it if not painful periporitis Rx Vit ABCE Mopping Cold clean wet cloth T. cefixime 100mg BD 3d Prevent sec.bact inf.

Infected contact dermatitis.

anti staph antibiotic s very essential along with anti histaminics !

folliculitis associated with allergic dermatitis with fungal infection due to dandruff

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