h/o fever, weakness since 3 days. with this lesion since 2 day. spotter?



Herpes orolabialis

herpes labialis

herpatiform rash

Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis

herpes labialis

this is herpis

what is this?

say something give suggestions

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Herpes Labialis...caused due to HSV1 The virus travels through mouth throat ...,reproduces in mucousal membrane....travels to nervous tissue..remaining dormant in the spine...only to strike when pt. is immuni compromised or under severe mental physical, emotional stress,CFS, Menses,Hormone imbalance, exposed to strong sunlight, Dental surgeries, RTI,IUGS...Hygiene..disinfectants.& ice application..to relieve pain..Experts comments and guidance..solicited wholeheartedly...

Herpes laibilis Acyclovir ORALLY AND LOCALLY. Multivitamin and antioxidant orally. Diclo PCM ORALLY. Keep the area clean and covered with sterile gauge.

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