h/o soft swelling on nape of neck from 1 yr. pain on palpation from 10 days. size 1cm 1 cm Diagnosis ?? t/t ??



lymph node unlikely...because duration 1 yr...inflammation only 10days..s/o sebaceous cyst infected recently..because it is superficial erythematosus seen...node will be deeper slightly even in suboccipital region..and it should have primary site of infection which will be tender...no history is mentioned of pain elsewhere...so only in favour of sebaceous cyst infected recently

swelling is soft..one year duration...can be only lipoma or cyst...don't do aspiration..only excision...definitely it is benign..I think by this time the infection is cleared....

don't you think after infection cleared the cyst to be excised..as the 1cm nodule is one year old in history

sebaceous cyst..infected.....can be hair follicle infected...nothing else...

usually this is spotter...look for a punctum for sebaceous cyst

Dr. hemant u mentioned about the dimension of swelling as 1 cm x 1 cm, but it doesn't appear raised. does ur dimensions meant the superio-inferior and medio-lateral dimensions, than what are the elevation dimension. the picture doesnt clearly show any elevated growth. lipoma can b ruled out as it is a growth with elevated growth which is soft and fluctuant with clear margins, moreover is not a common site of it. like same is for lymph node. I have no clue what is significant to point for diabetes. the common diagnosis can be of infected follicle or long term irritational fibrosis with faciculitis or some fungal origin. kindly specify the dimensions

acanthosis nigricans suggesting insulin resistance. may be with folliculitis or any infected cyst

dental specialist should be trained to look for diabetes and prediabetes. I think they will be better than us to diagnose clinically. diabetes is increasing like a wild fire right from childhood

The photo shows that patient has diabetes and swelling could be lipoma

Hair root infection with may be DM

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