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habitual Abortion

A 22 yrs female patient suffering from habitual abortion. Give your suggestions for cure? Abortion history: 1St abortion: 5wk 2nd abortion: 6 wk 3rd abortion: 7 wk Diagnosis and treatment?



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thanks curifian's for making this case simplified for me.

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If you go through Fal Ghrut Conyents, you will find that PHAL GHRUT is Shodhan in Nature...So Use it with precaution in preganancy. Secondly Go through Ashtang Hruday Shareer sthaan for Garbhini Paricharya....

What are the parents doing... their responsibility for what happens to this child at a tender age...what nonsense...the child's gyneac region is very delicate... constant head coverage with white cotton pure veg diet beetroot coriander juice sprouts Bhind I carrots sitz bath,needs counselling calmness symphony music sunshine.parents should see that child is healthy...

Rx Cimicifuga ,Sabina , Sepia.

Rx sabina Q /tds

Kindly read VIBURNUM.PRU

Phalsarpi ghirat Ashokaristha15ml+dasmularistha 15ml Satavri+ pushyanug + manjistha + saariva - 3 gm with honey

Adv, Marital History, with periods, HO leucorrhoea,if any USG digital Complete Abdomen / Pelvic organs Then contact me

Phalasarpi 1 tsp 6am/6pm 3 months

thanks curifian's for making this case simplified for me.

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