Had a 3 Y/O female child weighing only 5.9 kg with significant growth retardation and complaints of amoebiasis, discussed about the prominent swelling on right cheek, mother told the onset was after 2 months of birth, also has H/O seizures. Some physician prescribed syp epilepsal. what can be possible treatment and diagnosis? Belongs to low socio-economic status.



? cystic hygroma

mothers history during pregnancy is needed great results in homeopathy

cystic hygroma. usually conginetal. Some times develops in later life. ..

the clinical features are not adequate ...is the swelling is solid or cystic ? transillumination test?? appears to be lymphatic malformation (cystic hygroma)...USG should be done first to determine the nature of the lesion...followed by cect scan....if cystic hygroma...then excision is the treatment if vital structures ar free...

on palpation it felt like fluid filled pouch.

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Cystic hygroma is more likely. However Soft tissue USG or MRI will clinch the diagnosis.

Cystic hygroma. generally it is congenital but can develop in later age also.

rule out other anomalies associated with proper evaluation.

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Most probably cystic hygrometer. confirm with U.Sound & CT.

cystic hygroma please

Usg usually gives a very good information in neck swellings and cheap too. Plan for a biopsy along with usg guidance. this will clinch the diagnosis. but if it is asymptomatic and not increasing in size, better to plan treatment after some years.

Cystic swelling in neck , needs USG ,Cystic hygroma.

Is the mass growing in size? This is one of the common location of for embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas. Though 3 yr history is atypical. Can u tell more about what seems to be mass originating from. Also if possible imaging?

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