Hai doctors this is the case in my clinic , i think it ia an malignant melanoma and confirmed after investigations, as it is a rare i want shate with u all.



thanks for sharing with us.its a very rare case

please suggest its treatment plan or what you done in this case?

I adviced for surgery , pt is not cooperative, so she didnt come back to clinic

thanx for sharing sir....

thanks for sharing

Really thats a rare case..very gross.. Thanks for sharing doctor!!

Thanks to share it with us rare case. ..

i saw like this case first time thanks for shering

Thanks for sharing doctor, it's a very rare case .

Very good case doctor...thanks for sharing...what was patient's complaint and was it asymptomatic? Pls share that too..

Pt complaint was just black swelling since 3years, as we doubted sent to investigate then confirmed

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thanks for sharing

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