Hair fall

16 yrs girl with severe hair fall with reduced appetite since 6 months and h/o passing if stools once in 2 days.her thyroid profile and cbc are under limit .please suggest treatment Chief Complaints Hair fall since 6mnths History Associated with reduced appetite and 2 days once passing stools Vitals Within normal limits Physical Examination Normal Investigations Thyroid and cbc normal



Dear Dr. Krishna Raghavendra Sir, Advice for the case. Apply Dhatturpatradi tail. Advice for Nashya with Goghruta. Erandabhrasta Haritaki Churna 1 tsp At bed time with 1 1/2 glass of warm water.

Look for any hormonal imbalance and any deficiency disorder Then plan the treatment accordingly Along with the treatment for underlying pathology Jeevamritam leha from Malabar ayurveda pharmacy has very good result in preventing hair fall, promotes hair growth and also gives the nourishment to the body. Manjushree hair oil once in 3 days head massage to the hair roots

Thank you Dr. Dinesh Gupta ji

Massage with Coconut oil,argan, almond, olive oil.iron, vitamin, protein , minerals supplements to fulfill nutritional deficiency and increase appetite.antihairfall shampoos, hair transplant etc.

Hairzone Lotion Massage on Scalp Twice daily After Bath And Night For 15 Minutes With the Help of Finger tip For 6 Weeks. Wash the Haire With Antihairfall Shampoo / Nutrsilk Shampoo in 3 days Interval. Arogyavardhini 2 tab ,+ Gandhaka Rasayana 2 tab + Pravala Pisti 250 mg + Guruchi Satwa 500 mg Thrice daily Before Food With Honey Followed By 1/2 Cup of Milk. After 30 days Improvement Will Be Occurred.

बाल क्यों झड़ रहे हैं। इस का कारण जानना पड़ेगा। जब तक कारण का पता नही चलता है। तो चिकित्सा करना व्यर्थ है।

1.Chitrakadi Vati 2 Tab BD bfood 2.Nellibringaadi Keratailam for External application 3.Punarnavadi mandoor 1 tab Bd afod 4.TrivrthChurnma for Mild laxative

Rasaj vikar Correct Agni Malatyadi oil apply


Amalaki rasayan Shirobhyanga with bhringraj oil Calcium supplements Eat healthy food Avoid spicy and oily

May be nutritional difficiency as appetite is reduced. Agnitundi rasa 1 tid Trichup cap od Lohasava

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