Hair Transplantation...Lets change the personality n confidence



for grade one no HT is recommended. it is managed by medical treatment only. roughly for hairline 1200 to 1500 grafts are required. for more hair loss with good density we require 2000 grafts.

Dear Dr. Dharmesh it depends upon the grade of hair loss, pts expectations how much graft he needs.

Sir i already told it depends upon how many grafts client will need. but average it ranges between 60k to 1 L

FUE? Good job Dr. Ganesh Avhad.

Good results Dr. Ganesh. Which technique did you use?

FUE only. With no touch to roots.

Yes Doc satishbabu...

Thank you dear dr. amreen

To know more about HT n Cost kindly whats app me.

which drugs are most commonly used with good results in grade 1 hair loss?

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