Hairy black lesion since birth. kindly advice treatment.



A variable number of black, brown, or red-brown macules and papules are seen within a patch of tan-to-brown hyperpigmentation. The background pigmented macule or patch is usually 3-6 cm in diameter, but the diameter may vary from 1 cm to more than 60 cm. The lesions are usually oval, but they can be linear. Some follow the lines of Blaschko or have a sharp demarcation at the midline. An extensive amount of body surface area may be involved. The macules (speckles) and papules lying within the background patch range from lentigines to junctional, compound, or dermal nevi. Spitz nevi and blue nevi may also occur. The speckles range from 1-9 mm; most commonly, they are 2-3 mm in diameter.

above one is nevus spilus..or...speckled lentiginous nevus

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Congenital melanocytic nevus. one option is plastic surgery excision, other is Q switched laser but with laser recurrence is very common

Dr. Rashmi, Is reassurance the only option ?

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spitz nevus....Single, dome-shaped, red or pigmented papules or nodules are typical. Most lesions occur on the face or legs The color may vary from nonpigmented through pink to orange-red. Some lesions are pigmented, especially those found on lower extremities. Note that the rare recurrences may mimic metastaticmalignant melanoma.

becker nevus....most commonly pre puburtal presentation asymptomatic irregular tan to Brown patch gradually progressive thick black hair present both with in and in close proximity with lesion

other dds ....are .....becker nevus epidermal Nevis Nevus spilus Pigmented nonmelanoma carcinoma Spitz nevus

Congenital melanocytic nevus

Congenital Melanocytic Nevus


beckers nevus. or congintal hair melanocytic nevus .

Congenital melanocytic nevus

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