Hand injury

How do you manage such case? History Road traffic accident Physical Examination Skin avulsion over left ring finger with intact exposed tendons. Xray shows no bony involvement Patient vitals are stable. Management How do you manage such case?



If possible then it should be repaired or skin grafting as dr. SI advise before. Proper dressing should be done with saftiloc. PPI Pipzo Mikacin Metrogyl Chymoral forte

Skin grafting was not done because the tendons were exposed. Abdominal skin flap was raised to cover the defect.

Skin grafting Inj tazomac bd analgesic anti-inflammatory

Firstly clean with clorine water,band betadine solutions light bandge after bandage cover by finger plaster cover.medication,pain killers, anti-inflammatory medicine, antibiotics,may give u calcium

Needs to get some flap cover, if the length is to be retained... Eg- Groin flap/abdominal flap

Took abdominal skin flap to cover the defect.

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