He is 2 year boy he can't able to walk ...........His Mile stone development is good.....No having any other problem ....... What I want to give him treatment.....

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This is rickets.... "Fakk Roga" mentioned in Ayurveda, Advice Vitamin D 6 Lac I U Alongwith Calcium Supplements

Thanks sir for your comments ......But it's not tickets... baby's health is good

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@Sir child could be suffering from DDH developmental dysplasia of hip... please examin the child in lying position with legs standing n see the knee height of both legs if similar... also observe the gluteal folds on either sides of legs below the buttocks... if any difference on either sides it is confirmatory of DDH... for rickets bowing of legs is not visible... send the child to orthopedic doc.

Massage with Dabur laal taila, Vit D3 n Calcium syrup can b given along with physiotherapy .

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If calf muscles pseudo hypertrophied than DMD....Go for vatahar & balya Rx. Matra basti will help more with shashti shali pind sweda

Refer to child sspecilist.

Respected sir@Dr. Aniruddha Lele sir@Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir@Dr. Abhishek Kumar sir plz share ur valuable opinion on dis case.

Not looking like rickets . Wait and watch Sometimes if child starts talking early his walking may delay. I think he will start walking soon Advice calcium with Vit D3 Chandanbalalakshadi tail for massage Adequate milk intake. Sun bath early in the morning Ajasthi bhasma Kukkutandtwak bhasma Shatavari Ashwagandha powder with milk Fruits ,vegetables , protein suppliment

Thanks sir..... Good treatment plan ........ In panchakarma what should I do

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Massage with cod liver oil and have sunbath for 20 mins daily. Take protein intake more Rx Syp Caldikind........5ml daily Syp .A to Z .........5ml daily

Tab Kumarkalyan rasa 1 bd for 15 days rest agree with @Dr. Aniruddha Lele

Yes kumar kalyan ras is good choice

make diagnosis first between club foot talipes equinous looking like vitamin d deficiency..so follow with supplements and walking exercise

Dear Dr. Lokesh Mitra, Advice for your patient, Do abhyang with mash tailam. Swedana with nirgundipatra . Advice for excersize also.

Thanks sir

@Dr.Lokesh Mitra sir,DABAR LAL Tail , Light masaj Hip,Thai,ful legs both 3/4 time in a day about 1 month.

Thanks,Dr.Lokesh Mitra sir.
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