Headache Frontal and Temporal region

Female patient of age 45 Chief Complaints Headache Backache History History of taking medication for newly diagnosed cervical spondylitis since ten days Vitals Bp:150/90 rise Take amlo 2.5 mg since month Pulse:85 Spo2:97 Physical Examination App Sleep Bowel Bladder Normal Investigations Cbc Esr:20 Hb1ac:6.2 Total cholesterol:285 rise Ldl:6.3 Xray cervical region compress disc Spondylitis c3/4/5 X ray PNS Hazziness over Right maxillary sinus Diagnosis Need to be discussed Management Need to be discussed



1 pt has frontal as well as maxillary sinusitis So first treat this ailment effectively Broadspectrum antibiotics+tab clindamycin 300mg 1bd Tab Levocetrizine5mg+monteleukast 10mg 1od Tab domcet or grenil 1tds Tab sibelium 10mg 1 at bed time Reassess the case after 10days 2 cervical spondylitis Traction and cervical collar NSAIDs+muscle relaxants after 10days course is over for sinusitis 3 control bp by tab metaprolol H 1id

Thank you doctor sir its necessary to give antibiotic course as patient not show any sign of pyrexia (active infection) or running nose???

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Backache due to cervical spondylitis. Headache due to maxillary sinusitis. Hypertension with Hypercholesterolemia. Newly diagnosed cervical spondylitis medication to be continue for pain relief and with backache. Needs cervical exercise and also physical exercise for mild diabetes (HbA1c 6.2,this is not for good control, going to poor control) Or border line of average estimate of glucose. Cap. KARVOL PLUS inhale daily 2-4 times x 5- 7 days. I think sinusitis can get relief. Tab. Amlo 2.5 mg continue. Tab. Atorvast /Genexvast 10 1tab.at evening. X 3 month. CBC, BS(F), PP, HbA1c, UREA CREATININE, SODIUM, POTASSIUM, LIPID PROFILE and also CALCIUM AND VIT- D, URINE RE ME C&S. Review after 3 month with most essential reports. Maintenance lifestyle and change the dietary supplements for the better treatment and management of this uncontrollable patient.

Maxillary sinusitis , cervical spondylitis, hypercholesterolemia with anaemia

Thank you doctor

As patient is newly diagnosed with cervical spondylosis...headache & backache can be due to the spondylosis. Treatment accordingly can help to reduce symptoms. With instructions for sleeping & sitting posture will help

Thank you doctor

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