Headache in morning with irregularity in breakfast timing

25/y/o female with complain of severe headache in morning whenever she takes breakfast late. this has happened 3 times in past one month. She gets severe thumping like pain which lasts for more than 7-8 hours. Even if she takes antacid tablet and pin killer it takes a long time to get any relief. She prefers eating on time but with even a minute irregularity of routine the headache starts. No other history of any systemic disease Appetite normal Micturation normal Prakriti kapha vata



भट्ठ जी चिकित्सा संकेत आप के निदान में ही छुपा है।रोगी समय अनुसार ही भोजन लें वरना कोई भी दवा असफल रहेगी। फिर हाल सुबह सुर्य उदय से एक घंटा पहले देशी घी की जलेबी दुध के साथ दें। शिरशुलादिवजर रस दें।पत्थयादि क्वाथ का सेवन कराएं। सिर व तलुओं पर बादाम रोगन की मालिश।

I agree with Dr Mudgal sir.

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In our Homoeopathy,we have some Helpful drugs like Lycopodium, Silicea, Arsenic, Cactus, lachesis etc. are used in such cases. Selection should be on similar symptoms.

Beetroot coriander juice figs dates raisins apricots pomegranates muskmelon cucumber lime juice, Alkaline diet... needs counselling calmness symphony music... thinking too much in her time pass....aggravating the system inside adversely... hidden secrets...what are parents doing....why should the child have such problems at this age. .. parents should be understanding and psychological ly relieve the child..of this ailments first...cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval..

Calc 200 one dose

Calc 30

Rx Nux vomica30 tds for one week

She's in stress or depression?? Anxiety??

Cal. Carb 200

Sut shekhar ras. Laghu sut shekhar. And avipattikar churan tds before meals

Any h/o photophobia or phonophobia

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