headache,pain in cervical region since many months 15 yrs f afebrile refraction of eye is normal please interpret



Site of headache

Cervical spondylitis

X Ray Waters View shows Left Turbinal hypertrophy. X Ray Spine suggests Spondylosis with straightening.

Normal pns study. Nasal congestion seen more on left side. No comment on cervical spine

you mean occipital headache?age?SHT,injury?if duration is so long CT PNS/MRA brain,CT/MRI neck are preferable

PNS Nasal septum central. Hypertrophied inferior turbinates left. PNAS are clear.. Cervical.spine- Loss of cervical lordosis.

Left. Nasal. Obstruction... ADVISABLE.... 1 ). Physiotherapy. TREATMENT. for.... CERVICAL. Pain.. 2 ) Levo Cetrizine 3.) Nasal. Spray... Either... Steroidal....or. N Saline. Sprays. 4 ). Steam. Inhalation 5 ). Suitable. Pain reliever....

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Thanks sir g

Right C7 transverse is long I would like Dr Patro to give his comments about the epiphysis of spinous process of lower cervical vertebrae The alignment spine is altered in lateral view

Fracture spinous process of C6.

Left nasal obstruction, Antihistamine Systemic steroid Steam inhalation Mild pain killer If not relieved then surgery

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