Height dwarf

Female child of age 5.5 years Height 3"2 Chief Complaints Parents complain that their child height is not normal, As mother height is less they concern about her children height also History Child mother height:4"11 Father height: 5"6 Child height:3"2 Vitals NAD Physical Examination Baby is normal in behaviour Good in Studies Play games naturally Understanding is good Milestone achieve at time Except Height Investigations Need opinion Diagnosis Need opinion Management Need opinion

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Just explain to the parents , as this is not the age to determine final growth of bones..No point to worry up to her age age up to 15.. Some time maternal genetics dominates first and later on of paternal side... Growth session ll will be of her father... Could be average to 4.7"..

Valuable opinion

At 5.5 yr..... child ht...should be around 110 cms& this child is 91 cms. & growth spurt occurs after 5,10, 15 yrs.age, & Mid parent ht.also less. So f/U regular ht.monitoring nessaciary as now its < 3 rd centile & her target ht. may be 139 cms.

Difficult to say at this time Further evaluation is required for diagnosis and treatment