Male/38 years Complaint of piles since 9 months bleeding- dark red no pain itching-++ aggravated- fatty food, hard stool, spicy food Ameliorated- soft stool Appetite, thirst- decrease Desire- sour Aversion-eggs stool- constipated Urine- normal Thermals- chilly Patient is mentally irritable angry at trifles likes to be alone Suggest treatment Doctors



Apart from Homoeopathic treatment, advise to eat leafy vegetables; fruits and fibrous foods. Drink sufficient water. Nit ac, Ferr, and sulph almost covers the given details, further evaluation can help to differentiate between the possible medicines and selection of one.

Thank you Dr. @Shukla Vikram ji, Dr. @Nihar Ranjan Mohanty , @Mehar Ilahi Ansari Medico-Legal Counsel , Dr. @Smita Sale

Ask to do not eat more spicy oily fermented ,heavy ,junk food, ask to avoid tea , coffee n Alcohol...that all things worse the condition...ask to eat more vitaminious fiberous food, drink planty of water...exercises yoga can be helpfull,( u can ask to take sitz bath...if occ, pain in part become imflammed thn ) avoid cold drinks cold milk Wheat floor or chopati, Else we can think abt phos painless piles bt it is for bright red colour , n some where nit acid covers the totality bt there is burning +++ Else hamamelis , nux vom, merc cor , merc sol also work ... Here i'm thinking abt -merc sol can work...

Arsha kutara rasa 1bid Avipathikara churna(1tsp)/Anuloma DS 0-0-1 for Constipated stool. Decrease/if possible advice to stop taking Sour& Spicy food Advised to take more leafy vegetables, food with more fibre contents. Avoid coffee.. Advice to take more Buttermilk (Takra) Increase water intake.

Avoid spicy oily junk fermented and packed food tea coffee AND alcohol also. Regular exercise. Erandbhrushta haritaki with lukeworm water at bedtime. Pilochek oint for local application. Tab.Rectocare 2-0-2.Tab.Amroid 2-0-2

Hammamelis, Nitric acid, Collinsonia along with fibre rich food, fruits ,salads , increase water intake, Avoid all bakery products,oily fried food, spicy food and offcourse activities like walking ,jogging ,yoga

Dear Dr.Meenakshi Bisht ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Pileen 1 tds. Tab. Suran Vatak 1 tds. Tab. Arsh Kuthar Ras 1 tds. Swadista Virechan Churna 1 tsp at bed time. Pilex Cream.

Thank you@ @Mehar Ilahi Ansari Medico-Legal Counsel

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Aarshakuthar ras vati, abhayarista, pilex cream local appication , avipattikr churn at bed time , sitz bath with triphala churn, drink buttermilk Avoid spicy, oily food

Bakain 5gm Neem 5 gm Rewan chini 5gm Ailwa 5gm Guggal 5gm Mastagi 5gm Rasot 5gm Grind all advia and take 3gm bd Luke warm water

I agree for homeo: Nux Vomica for acute heamorrhoids

Sir, how can 9 months be acute...

Nux vomeka

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