Hemorrhoids occurs after 4 days Diarrhea. Suggest treatment.

Hemorrhoids occurs after 4 days Diarrhea. Suggest treatment. From last 4 days patient had diarrhea Treatment given at that time:- Satrogyl O (BD) Cifixime 200 (BD) Spas Tab (TDS) Bifilac capsule (BD) Now patient have pain in anus area and also burning sensation during stool pass. Also feel like hemmorides outer area of anus. But no sign of bleeding.. Feeling of stool pass again and again. When he tried to pass stool. Pain, itching, burning. Suggest best medicine combination and if need more diagnose pls suggest


It must be Anal fissure not haemorrhoids Mx: sitz bath twice daily in warm water &betadine/Savlon solution for 3wks Diltiazem with lidocaine cream apply per Anum 4/5times daily for 3wks Increase fluid intake to maintain normal stool consistancy and also prevent dehydration in this case

stop cefixime xylocain jelly locally

Satrogyl stopped?? Any other medicine suggest?? Or just xylocaine jelly sufficient??


For L/A Lox jelly 2% Hadensa cream...

Syp laxative 15ml xhs Syp diazeen 2tbs xbd Tab pilifexbd Pilife ointment L/A Cap levorab dsr x bd

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