Hepatic Encephalopathy

Hepatic Encephalopathy Chief Complaints Bilateral plantar extension with brisk jerk across all major joints and platellar clonus in a case of Decompensated CLD - Alcohol induced with Portal Hypertension, Ascitis, Grade 2,3 column Esophageal varices, B/Nephrolithiasis with Pancytopenia. Link of the video below.. https://youtu.be/TuRRxHFEers



CASE DISCUSSION REQUESTED ON THIS CASE OF LIVER CIRRHOSIS AND PORTAL HYPERTENSION according to reports pt is suffering from hyperglycemia and liver ailment due to excessive alcohal.amlaki rasayan and chander prabha vatti can be given to him. pranayam is also suggested to him anu lom vilom,kpal bhanti are good. he should take beet root juice with pine apple juice

Nice illustration Good presentation All the reflexes exaggerated Knee jerk is exaggerated Need observation Monitor vitals every 4 th hourly Abg and serum ammonia levels should be check regularly Need to remind you for inj.albumin 20% High protein should be gi ghousia

High Protein diet should be given Need expert opinion of medical gastroenterolist Explain the high risk to patient attenders

Livozyme,Tinidazole,Nurokind plus inj 5.

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